Challenge Exam Policy

Chinese Challenge Exam Procedures and Policies

This exam gives graded course credit for the following courses: Chinese 101, 102, 211R, and/or 201. Credit for higher level courses is not available. To take the test, please complete the following steps:

(1) Go to to sign up for the test.
(2) About a week before the exam dates, you will be allowed to get online again and actually sign up for a day and time (, so you must be proactive and remember to choose a date for yourself.
(3) Take test at scheduled time in B-153 JFSB. Please be sure to arrive ten minutes early.
(4) Pick up the application form with course grades from the department secretary two weeks after the date of the exam. Cross out the classes with the grades that you do not want and return the form to the office staff. They will turn the form into the Records Office at B-150 ASB.

The exam may be taken in either Mandarin or Cantonese (not both) and may only be taken once. It should be taken within a year after returning from a Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking mission (or other foreign-language experience). Native speakers of either dialect are not eligible. Native speakers who grew up in a Chinese speaking environment or who went to a Chinese school are ineligible.
You must be currently enrolled in a Chinese language course (i.e., CHIN 201 or 202) to be eligible for the exam, but may not receive credit for a class in which you are currently enrolled or you have taken. For instance, if students want to challenge CHIN 201, they must be enrolled in CHIN 202 class.